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The Ultimate Home Selling Experience: convenience, control and excellent value

OfferPad buys your home directly from you! We do all the paperwork, we pay closing and title fees1, you pick your own close date, if you need to stay in your home a few days past close2 you can, we provide dedicated support throughout the entire process and we’ll even move you for free*.

Traditional Real Estate

Typically a lengthy, uncertain and inconvenient experience

Unlike traditional real estate which has not changed in decades, you don’t have to list your home, repair or upgrade it, keep it clean, show it to strangers and then negotiate a closing date. We provide a better experience.

House Flippers

Typically a low service, the lowest value price

Different from flippers who offer to buy your home directly - at the lowest price they can – we make our money by efficiently renovating and selling your home. We don’t try to deprive you of the value you have built up in your largest investment.

Customer Stories

Zillow Story 1
"With OfferPad, I got to skip the traditional home selling headaches. The experience that I had selling to OfferPad was nothing short of amazing." David P., Seffner, FL
Zillow Story 3
"OfferPad was amazing from the very beginning. Step-by-step with every one of my questions they had quick and professional answers. As we closed today, we still can't believe what a simple and painless process this has been. Real Estate home selling has changed forever." Scott & Jamie C., Gilbert, AZ
Zillow Story 2
"I really liked the OfferPad business model. It was convenient to request an offer online and within 24 hours receive a competitive offer. They made the moving process simplified." Steven P., Phoenix, AZ

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1 OfferPad uses First American Title as their third-party escrow and title company. OfferPad, LLC to pay all of the seller’s title and escrow fees.

2 To qualify for the OfferPad Flex Close, the seller must complete a Post-Possession Addendum.

* OfferPad Free Local Move (homes up to 2,800 square feet, max load of 13,000 lbs.). To be eligible for Free Local Move program, OfferPad requires a minimum of seven-day notice prior to the close of escrow. Additional square footage and other services may be purchased and selected by the customer. Services not included are: valuation, packing/unpacking labor, packing materials, and third-party services (including appliance service). Free Local Move is only valid for customers who have closed escrow and transferred ownership of a home to OfferPad. Pickup of contents must originate from the address purchased by OfferPad and delivered to one local destination/address within a 50-mile radius of customer’s origin zip code. Free Local Move is valid up to 5 days after OfferPad closes escrow on purchased property. Terms and conditions of this offer may change at any time at the sole discretion of OfferPad. Click here for more information on our Free Local Move.