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Agent Access Program Benefits

Now Available for ALL Real Estate Agents!

A trusted sale with 1% referral at closing

Agents who bring OfferPad an unlisted* property that we successfully purchase will be paid 1% of the purchase price at closing.

There are many instances when selling a home to OfferPad may be the right move for you and your client:

  • When a home is not in list-ready condition.
  • When family, work schedules, or pet situations make it difficult to show a home.
  • When the home has a tenant and is difficult to show.
  • When the homeowner is relocating to a different state and needs a certain, quick sale.
  • When you’re already listing a home at a discount for family or friends.
  • When a long closing period is inconvenient, we close based on the homeowner’s schedule.
  • When your client doesn’t want to miss out on their dream home by having to write a contingent offer, because they don’t know if the can get their existing home under contract.

Because OfferPad provides your client with the ultimate selling experience, feel confident in knowing:

  • There are no appraisals or financing surprises before closing.
  • Your client won’t have to move twice.
  • We allow them to stay in the home up to three days after closing.
  • We close on your client’s schedule, between 5 and 120 days.

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Additional Benefits Available for Participating Agents

Get on-demand access to customers when you show OfferPad homes

We’re expanding our ultimate customer experience to homebuyers and agents with the launch of Agent-on-Demand.

The future of real estate is now! Homebuyers can access and self-tour OfferPad homes at their convenience, with Instant Access. Once the homebuyer presses the engage-an-agent button, our agent partners will be sent a real-time text to meet the buyers at the home within minutes.

Program benefits:

  • Earn 1% commission for helping the homeowners through the buying process.
  • Receive referrals to show potential buyers other OfferPad homes.
  • Get referrals to show potential buyers other MLS homes.
  • Get referrals to list homes that don’t fit OfferPad’s criteria or area requirements.
  • Get referrals from buyers who call when they see OfferPad signs and want assistance in finding a new home.
  • Host open houses in OfferPad homes.
  • Meet interested buyers and sellers immediately.

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*Referrals will be paid only for properties we purchase that are not currently listed on the local MLS.