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Earn an industry-high 3% referral fee*

Give your clients more options selling with Offerpad!

Offerpad Agent Partnership Program

Get an edge over your competition, meet the growing consumer demand for online solutions and earn an industry-high 3% referral fee.*

Maximize your efforts for maximum results with Offerpad’s Agent Partnership Program (APP) and access our exclusive, one-stop Real Estate Solutions Center. With an A+ BBB rating and a 93% Customer Satisfaction Rating,** you and your clients will both benefit from Offerpad’s digital solutions.

Agent Benefits

Offerpad’s APP is a win-win for you and your clients! Offering them more selling options to meet their unique needs through our exclusive Real Estate Solutions Center helps you build more business and increase your income, with benefits like an industry-high 3% referral fee on pre-MLS properties* and an easier way to get your clients ‘sold’!

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APP Agent Benefits

Partner with local, experienced Offerpad real estate experts to help eliminate many of the day-to-day hassles of listing, marketing and selling your clients’ homes with:

  • No showings
  • No photography
  • No back-and-forth with offers/counteroffers
  • Less paperwork
  • More time to help clients find a home
  • 3% agent referral fee paid by Offerpad on eligible properties

Client Benefits

Provide your clients with the ease, confidence and certainty of a cash sale, with customized options for those who love convenience and control.

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  • A solid cash offer in hand
  • No showings or open houses
  • No contingency
  • No double mortgage payments or moving twice
  • Flexible closing dates between 15-90 days
  • Extended Stay options between 3 days post-closing
  • Professional local moves, paid for by Offerpad

Business Development

Maximize your efforts for maximum results! Take advantage of Offerpad’s expertise in how to build your brand, turn ideas into action and attract more business in response to shifting client expectations in today’s increasingly digital marketplace.

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Build Your Business

  • APP team training and support on Offerpad's online Real Estate Solutions Center
  • Offerpad Level Up Business Series webinars
  • Local Offerpad-sponsored networking opportunities
  • Marketing opportunities and support

Overcome Obstacles

Avoid the many challenges and uncertainties you and your clients face in today’s highly competitive real estate market, like home sale contingencies and other common deal-breakers when it comes to COE. One thing you can be certain of is an easy sale when you help your seller get sold with Offerpad.

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  • Overcome common escrow challenges with customized Offerpad selling solutions
  • Provide clients with more options to maximize their home sale potential
  • Attract and assist clients with no showings, flexible closing dates and a stress-free home selling process

It’s Easy to Work with Offerpad

Selling your client's home with Offerpad is as easy as...


Complete and submit the Offerpad EXPRESS purchase offer request form with basic information and photos of your client’s home. (It takes <10 minutes.)


Within 24 hours, we’ll send you a competitive cash offer with multiple benefits to review with your seller. They pick their own closing date and get ready to move (with a free local move courtesy of Offerpad!).


We streamline the closing process for your client and you receive a 3% referral fee!

Partner Agent Reviews

Why agents love working with Offerpad

As the listing agent, I knew my homeowner was looking to sell his home fairly quickly. After a few months of a lot of showings and interest, but no offers we went to the Offerpad website and requested an offer just so we would know our worst case. I expected a low-ball offer, but it was actually fairly close to list. After a few times of back and forth with Offerpad we had a contract. We set the closing for 15 days after contract execution and sure enough, it closed on time just as they said. And, with no financing the actual closing took about 10 minutes. Easiest sale ever.

I have been in real estate for over 30 years and have NEVER had a more smooth closing process than I had with Offerpad. I will be HIGHLY recommending Offerpad to more of my homeowners looking to sell without a hassle! Thank you Offerpad for getting my mother’s home closed quickly and smoothly. Y'all rock!

My wife and I have been in the real estate business for a combined 87 years. To our surprise Offerpad associates were very professional, fair and easy to deal with, and the property closed escrow on time. We did not have any problems during the transaction and are very satisfied with our experience.

*Referral Fee Qualifications: (1) The property cannot be listed on the MLS within 30 days from the time of submission, while under contract, or after COE; (2) The agent or current homeowner has not submitted a request to Offerpad on the property within the last 30 days; (3) The agent must present current interior and exterior pictures at the time of offer submittal (previous listing photos do not qualify); and (4) The agent must be identified in the offer request, continue to represent the seller, be available throughout the process, and the sale must successfully close. Agents with current sellers listed on the MLS may still request an offer, however they will not be eligible for a referral fee.

**Based on Q4 2020 survey of over 360 people who sold a home to Offerpad