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What’s the rush? Extend your stay with Offerpad!

Offerpad’s Extended Stay options let you stay in your current home for up to 3 or as many as 90 days after we buy it!

Stress less

Take the money and... relax!

Sell and stay in your home until you find your next one.

Stress less

Stress less

Combine our Extended Stay with Offerpad’s free local move for a “stress-less’ moving experience!

No need to rush

No need to rush

Avoid the typical chaos that comes with having to close and move on the same day.

Three days

Stay up to 3 days

Take an extra 1, 2, or 3 days to pack and move at no extra charge!

Ninety days Extended Stay

Stay up to 90 days

A great option with our 24-Hour Close! Stay in your home up to 90 days for an additional fee!


Meet the Myers family

Offerpad made selling and buying a home an experience that we have never had in real estate before. The whole team worked seamlessly with one another to provide a stress free experience for us. This was the first home purchase we made of many that we were able to maintain the excitement of a new home throughout the entire process. We provided a few documents, picked our sell date, close date and showed up to close escrow. It was that easy! Offerpad has truly cracked the code on buying and selling homes with the ease of customer at heart.
Mike and Heather M.
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Common questions about our Extended Stay program

How do I take advantage of the Extended Stay program?

Offerpad’s Extended Stay program is available to homeowners selling an existing residence (rental homes do not qualify) and gives you the flexibility and option to remain in your home for up to 90 days after closing with us. Extended stays are available in convenient tiered timeframes so you can choose the best option to meet your unique needs, schedule, and budget. No pro-rated costs to worry about!

Our Extended Stay program offers home sellers lots of other benefits and advantages, including:

  • No need to close and move on the same day
  • Ability to stay in your home after closing for up to 3, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days
  • No need to move twice if your new home isn’t ready
  • A free local move, courtesy of Offerpad, at the end of your stay

With the ability to sell and stay in your home while you find your next one, you also have the advantage of having the cash proceeds from the sale of your home at your disposal. That’s cash in hand you can use to your advantage when making an offer or down payment on a new home. Or you can even use the proceeds and take the time to make improvements on your next one so it’s completely move-in ready, just the way you want it.

It’s easy to take advantage of our Extended Stay program. After receiving your EXPRESS cash offer, just speak with your Offerpad representative and we’ll set it up. Along with your purchase contract, you’ll receive an Extended Stay Addendum to review and sign that describes the time, terms and conditions related to your use of the home after the close of escrow. Or should your needs change at any time during the sales process, you can always add an Extended Stay to your contract. Just let your representative know and we’ll send you an addendum.

How much does it cost to use the Extended Stay program?

Offerpad’s 3-Day Extended Stay option is free. For longer stays, there is an additional fee based on the length of time you choose (up to 15, 30, 60 or 90 days). In either case, a refundable security deposit also applies, which may be held back from your sales proceeds for your convenience. Please speak with your Offerpad representative for more details on the Extended Stay solution that best meets your needs.

If I’m using the Extended Stay program, will I need insurance?

While you won’t need homeowner’s insurance after the closing date, we recommend that you get a renter’s insurance policy to protect your personal property inside the home.

What if I need to stay longer than 90 days?

The maximum duration of the Extended Stay program is 90 days. However, you may be able to adjust your closing date to accommodate your schedule. Please speak with your Offerpad representative to help with your specific needs.

What time do I have to be completely moved out of the home?

For any Extended Stay (up to 3, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days), you generally have until 5:00 pm local time on the last day of your Extended Stay Addendum to move. For example, if you sign a 90-Day Extended Stay Addendum and we purchase your home on the 6th of the month, you will have until 5:00 pm local time 90 days after that date to be completely moved out.

How is the refundable deposit handled?

Generally, if there is no damage to the home, the title company or attorney’s office will release the funds to you after you move. Funds are released as soon as possible; however sometimes due to weekends or holidays, they may not be wired to your account until the next business day. Review your Extended Stay Addendum for details.

What condition do I need to leave the home in?

Generally, the home should be in the same condition as it was at the final walk-through inspection prior to the date of the sale. The interior and exterior areas should be completely clear of all personal belongings and items of waste. All items of access or use, including house keys, mailbox keys, garage door opener(s), ceiling fan remotes should be left in the home. Review your Extended Stay Addendum for details.

Can I choose an Extended Stay if the home I’m selling is used as a rental property?

No. The home must be occupied by the homeowner. Rental homes or one that is tenant-occupied do not qualify for our Extended Stay.

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