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Potentially save thousands with Offerpad Bundle Rewards

Bundle and save when you buy and sell with Offerpad! Start with a FREE cash offer.

Bundle Up for Savings!

Reward yourself with savings - and a lot more - when you bundle Offerpad's convenient, one-stop home selling and buying services

Bundle more, save more1

The more Offerpad services you use, the more you can save. When you combine any two of our solutions (selling, buying, and financing) you can potentially earn thousands of dollars in savings!

Flexible rewards

Use Bundle Rewards* to reduce your down payment on a new home, pay closing costs, or buy down the interest rate on your mortgage.

Streamlined convenience

Save time and money with an easy, one-stop way to sell, buy, finance and move more freely - all in one place, all at the same time!

No double mortgages

Coordinate closing dates to help avoid paying double mortgages and move just once - with a free local move2 from Offerpad!

Saving with Offerpad is as easy as...



Sell your home to us by accepting our quick cash offer, or sell it with us using our flexible listing services.



Buy a home on or work with one of our Solutions Experts to find a new one. Get a mortgage through Offerpad Home Loans and earn even more rewards!



Save on the purchase of your new home at closing with your Bundle Rewards credits.

How much can I expect to save?

Here's an example of how Offerpad Bundle Rewards could save you $6,150 when you:

  • Sell your home to Offerpad for $300,000
  • Buy a $350,000 new home with one of our in-house agents
  • Finance your new home with a $280,000 mortgage from Offerpad Home Loans

Talk with an Offerpad Solutions Advisor about the best way to bundle our solutions and see how much you can save!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to earn Offerpad Rewards?

How are my discounts calculated?1

When do I receive my rewards and how can I use them?

Do I have to use Offerpad's bundled services to sell or buy a home with you?

*Offerpad Bundle rewards are not available for solutions purchase under the Agent Partnership Program or the Home Builder Partnership program. Additionally, Offerpad Bundle Rewards cannot be combined with any other Offerpad discount, credit or seller / buyer concession.

2Your new home must be within 50 miles of the property Offerpad is purchasing. Home size is limited to 2,800 square feet and a maximum of 13,000 pounds is allowed. If your home is larger, or your possesions exceed the weight limit, then you will be responsible for the difference in cost and you will be billed by the moving company directly.

Offerpad Bundle Rewards are currently available in all states where Offerpad does business except for: Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee. Terms and conditions apply. Speak with our Offerpad Solutions Advisor or Solutions Expert for details.