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Do More, Save More When You Sell, Buy And get a loan with Offerpad.

You can save some serious cash - up to $4,000!*

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Sell? Buy? Loan? we got you!

Save up To $4,000

Seriously. Combine any 2 or more of our convenient home selling and buying services and reward yourself with savings of up to $4,000. The more you do, the more you save!*

Use Rewards Your Way

Reduce your down payment on a new home, pay closing costs, or buy down the interest rate on your mortgage. It’s your money; you decide the best way to use your rewards.

All-In-One Way To Save

Talk about convenience. Get everything done all in one place, all at one time. Sell? Buy? Home loan? We got you covered. (Oh, and did we mention how much you could save, too?)

No Double Dipping

Buying and selling together? We’ll help you coordinate closing dates so you don’t have to worry about paying two mortgages at the same time or moving twice. We even throw in a free local move.**
Earn even more when you become a certified Powered By Offerpad partner agent!

We Make Bundling & Saving Easy

Combine our home buying, selling, and/or home loan services through offerpad bundle rewards and you could save thousands.

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For cash or list it with us the easy way
For cash or
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easy way
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With one of our local agents
With one of
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Get A Home Loan - Financed through Offerpad Mortgage
Financed through
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Cha Ching! Savings Up To $4000
Cha Ching! Use toward closing or other costs on the purchase of a new home or sale of yours
Use toward closing or
other costs on the
purchase of a new home
or sale of yours

best way
to bundle
& save

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Lots to do and want to save time and money doing it?

We can help!
Just talk to an Offerpad real estate agent about the best way to bundle our services to see just how much you can save.


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Bundle Rewards Plus

Home Loan*

Bundle Rewards Equals


You Save


Bundle Rewards Plus

Home Loan*

Bundle Rewards Equals


You Save


Bundle Rewards Plus


Bundle Rewards Plus

Home Loan*

Bundle Rewards Equals


You Save

*Available only in states where Offerpad Mortgage, LLC is licensed to operate.
Savings rewarded as buyer commission rebates and/or lender credits.

FAQs About Offerpad Bundle Rewards

It’s easy! Sell your home to us for cash or list it with us, then buy a new home with the help of an Offerpad Solutions Expert (aka, the commissioned buyer agent on the transaction) and reap your rewards at your final closing. Want to earn more rewards? Finance your new home with a mortgage through Offerpad Mortgage (where available).

Offerpad makes it possible for you to save money when you bundle any combination of two or more of our buying, selling and financing solutions listed below. Offerpad Bundle Rewards are earned and delivered as buyer agent commission rebates (i.e., a portion of the buyer agent’s fee credited to the buyer at closing), reduced Offerpad service fee (i.e., reducing a portion of the service fee for Offerpad cash sales), seller listing credits or lender credits (i.e., cash credit received by the borrower at closing to help offset closing costs) as follows:

  • List Reward – You will receive $2,000 as a buyer agent commission rebate, seller listing credit, or reduced service fee if you use an Offerpad Solutions Expert acting as the commissioning agent on the transaction to buy a home from a third-party.*
  • Offerpad Mortgage Reward – You will receive $2,000 as a lender credit on the purchase loan amount, seller listing credit, or reduced service fee at closing if you use Offerpad Mortgage to finance the purchase of your new home.

*The List Reward portion of Offerpad Bundle Rewards is limited to the lower of:$2,000 (as a seller listing credit or reduced service fee) or
Buyer Agent Commission – 1% X Value of the new home purchase
For example, if the buyer agent commission is 1.5% and the new home purchase is $300,000, then the limit on the buy portion of the reward would be: (1.5% – 1%) X $300,000 = $1,500

You’ll receive your total reward amount at the closing of your final transaction (e.g., your final new home purchase or existing home sale). List rewards are issued as buyer agent commission rebates or seller credits. Offerpad Mortgage rewards are issued as a separate lender credit. Each applicable rebate or credit will be reflected on your closing statement.

Use your rewards to reduce your down payment on a new home, pay closing costs, or buy down the interest rate on your mortgage. We recommend you consult with your Offerpad representative on what works best for you.

No. Participation in Offerpad Bundle Rewards is completely optional. You can take advantage of any of our home buying and selling solutions in any way that best suits your needs.

* Offerpad Bundle Rewards are delivered as buyer commission rebates, lender credits, reduced Offerpad EXPRESS service fee, or seller credits. Offerpad Bundle Rewards are not available for solutions purchased under Offerpad’s Agent Partnership Program or Homebuilder Services program. Additionally, Offerpad Bundle Rewards cannot be combined with any other Offerpad discount, credit, or seller/buyer concession. All components of a bundle (sell transaction, buy transaction and home loan) must be completed within a 6-month time frame to qualify as being part of a bundle. Offerpad Bundle Rewards is not available in Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee. Terms and conditions apply. Rewards, savings and discounts vary and may not be available in all states or situations. Speak with an Offerpad Solutions Advisor or Solutions Expert for details. Subject to terms and conditions available at

** To be eligible for free move, bundled services must include cash sale of home with Offerpad. Terms and conditions apply. Your new home must be within 50 miles of the property Offerpad is purchasing. Home size is limited to 2,800 square feet and a maximum of 13,000 pounds is allowed. If your home is larger or your possessions exceed the weight limit, you will be responsible for the difference in cost and be billed directly by the moving company.
¥ Offerpad Mortgage services not available in all states. Rates, terms and availability subject to change without notice.

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