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Free local move

We offer a free local move to every seller.
Within 50 miles
We partner with professional moving companies
Homes up to 2,800 sq. ft & 13,000 lbs
How Offerpad’s free move works
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    Once we’re under contract, the moving company will call you directly to get things started.

  • 2

    Your move will be scheduled, don’t worry—you can always reschedule if needed.

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    You pack your personal belongings in boxes. Need packing service?

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    It’s moving day! Your professional moving team will get to work and complete your move quickly, carefully, and efficiently!

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    Offerpad will pay the moving company directly. You’ll only be responsible for any additional costs that you and the movers agree on prior to the move (such as extra insurance for certain items).

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    You’re all set. Don’t forget to tell us how things went—we’ll send you a quick survey asking you how the moving company performed.

Meet John & Becky
We’d been through the traditional real estate process before and I wanted to try something new. I had reached out to Offerpad for a quote and within 24-hours received an offer. The offer was probably more than we would have made if selling the old way. Even better, we avoided all the hassles of listing it, showings, and dealing with buyers. Offerpad even provided movers for us.
John & Becky S.
Meet John & Becky
Common questions related to your move
The home must be clear of all personal belongings and trash at least 24 hours prior to closing. Offerpad will verify the condition of the home prior to closing. If the house is not clear of personal belongings and/or trash, your closing may be delayed.

This varies from state to state, and the typical practices are outlined below:

  • Arizona: Washer, dryer and refrigerator
  • California: Washer, dryer and refrigerator
  • Florida: Washer and dryer
  • Georgia: Washer, dryer and refrigerator
  • Nevada: Washer, dryer and refrigerator
  • North Carolina: Washer, dryer and refrigerator
  • South Carolina: Washer, dryer and refrigerator
  • Texas: Washer, dryer and refrigerator

Please note: In certain instances, Offerpad may request in our purchase agreement you to include the refrigerator, even though this may not be customary.

Yes—the free local move is available everywhere Offerpad operates. However, the availability of additional moving services varies between markets. Please check with your Transaction Manager to see what is available in your state.

Your new home must be within 50 miles of the property Offerpad is purchasing. Home size is limited to 2,800 square feet and a maximum of 13,000 pounds is allowed. If your home is larger, or your possessions exceed the weight limit, then you will be responsible for the difference in cost and you will be billed by the moving company directly. If your new home is outside of the 50-mile radius, please speak with your Closing Coordinator to learn more about your options.

You will need to leave any built-in appliances, keys, remotes and any other items that belong with the home. Built-in appliances include, but are not limited to: your dishwasher, built-in microwave, stove, oven, cooktops, ice machines, trash compactors, water softeners, built-in refrigerators, R/O systems, window treatments, central vacuum and hoses, garage door openers and remotes, pool equipment, built-in BBQs, built-in fire pits, ceiling fans and light fixtures, pool fencing, pool cleaning systems, exterior landscape lighting, and built-in speakers.

Additional information about the local move
  • Feature Item 1

    In order to take advantage of the free local move program, Offerpad may require a minimum of a 7 to 21 days’ notice (depending upon the market and time of year) prior to the close of escrow.

  • Feature Item 2

    Additional square footage, weight and other services may be purchased and selected by the customer directly from the moving company.

  • Feature Item 3

    Our Free Local Move is only available to customers who have sold their home to Offerpad.

  • Feature Item 4

    The move must originate from the home purchased by Offerpad and delivered to a single local destination/address within a 50-mile radius of customer's origin zip code.

  • Feature Item 5

    With Offerpad's Extended Stay program, free local moves are valid for 3 days after we purchase your home, depending on the Extended Stay option you choose.

  • Feature Item 6

    Certain services are not included in the free move and are available for purchase directly from the moving company. These include packing, packing materials (regular packing boxes), appliance disconnect/reconnect, furniture disassembly/assembly, live plant moving, hazardous materials moving (aerosols, gas cans, ammunition, and more), the cost of moving heavy or oversized items (safes, wine storage, pianos, and more), and additional personal property insurance. The cost and availability of these items varies by market—please check with your Offerpad solutions advisor for specific details.

  • Feature Item 7

    Terms and conditions of the free move may change at any time at the sole discretion of Offerpad.

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