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Offerpad cares about your safety; learn more about what we are doing with our home buying and selling procedures.

Provide your sellers with more options

Getting the house ready in 30 minutes

Your clients can skip the traditional hassles that come with listing and showing their home, which can be especially helpful for clients with difficult work schedules, small children and pets.

Stay 3 days with Extended Stay

Your clients can enjoy an easier moving experience with Offerpad’s free local move and the ability to stay for up to 3 days after closing, if necessary.

Offerpad is a highly qualified buyer

You and your clients have the peace of mind and certainty that comes from dealing with a direct, cash buyer who has purchased thousands of homes—on the date your client wants (or needs) to close!

Offerpad makes it easy for agents to work with us

  1. Request offers for your clients on both properties that are already listed and those that are not yet on the market.
  2. Submit your clients’ property information and your contact information here.
  3. As their agent, you will receive the offer directly from Offerpad.
  4. If the home is not listed on the MLS, our offer will include a 1% referral fee.
  5. If our offer is accepted, we’ll work directly with you every step of the way.
  6. You will be paid the referral fee at closing.

Referral fees are only paid if a transaction closes and provided the seller has not previously submitted a request for an offer to Offerpad directly. The commission agreement between you and your client, and any fees payable thereunder, are separate and distinct from the referral fee payable by Offerpad. Referral fees are only paid on homes that are not listed on the MLS. If you or another agent lists the home on the MLS after your seller is under contract with Offerpad, we will not pay the 1% referral fee.

What people say about working with Offerpad

As the listing agent, I knew my homeowner was looking to sell his home fairly quickly. After a few months of a lot of showings and interest, but no offers we went to the Offerpad website and requested an offer just so we would know our worst case. I expected a low-ball offer, but it was actually fairly close to list. After a few times of back and forth with Offerpad we had a contract. We set the closing for 15 days after contract execution and sure enough, it closed on time just as they said. And, with no financing the actual closing took about 10 minutes. Easiest sale ever.

Kathy P.
Gold Canyon, AZ

I have been in real estate for over 30 years and have NEVER had a more smooth closing process than I had with Offerpad. I will be HIGHLY recommending Offerpad to more of my homeowners looking to sell without a hassle! Thank you Offerpad for getting my mother’s home closed quickly and smoothly. Y'all rock!

Susan H.
Grayson, GA

My wife and I have been in the real estate business for a combined 87 years. To our surprise Offerpad associates were very professional, fair and easy to deal with, and the property closed escrow on time. We did not have any problems during the transaction and are very satisfied with our experience.

Vic H.
Chandler, AZ

Offerpad values buyers’ agents

Offerpad is committed to excellence in all our customer relationships, which includes thousands of relationships we have with buyers’ agents nationwide. Here is what buyers’ agents can expect from us:

  • Full 3% buyer commission on all listings.
  • 24-hour response time on submitted offers.
  • An experienced transaction team dedicated to making transactions close quickly and efficiently.
  • A commitment to transparency—meaning if we have other offers, we will inform you.