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Photo of Jerry Coleman

Jerry Coleman

Co-FounderCo-Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Brian Bair

Brian Bair

Co-FounderCo-Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Andy Kent

Andy Kent

EVP and General Counsel

Photo of Vaughn Bair

Vaughn Bair

Chief Investment Officer

Photo of Casey Bair

Casey Bair

Chief Acquisitions Officer

Photo of Matt Bohn

Matt Bohn

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Darrin Shamo

Darrin Shamo

Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Britt Chapman

Britt Chapman

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Gus Figueroa

Gus Figueroa

Chief Software Architect

Photo of Dan Mayes

Dan Mayes

Chief Real Estate Technology Officer

Photo of Dan Stoegbauer

Dan Stoegbauer

VP of Real Estate Operations

Photo of Arindam Bose

Arindam Bose

Chief Product and Analytics Officer

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