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Matthew and Jennifer, Gilbert, AZ

OfferPad made selling our home extremely easy. We didn't have to show our house. They made us a very good offer. The ease and flexibility were amazing!

Michael, San Tan Valley, AZ

Selling our home to OfferPad was easy. We didn’t have to work with realtors and we didn’t have to show our house. The offer price was very fair compared to what I thought the house was worth. The entire experience was great!

Sean and Annalee, Phoenix, AZ

Selling to OfferPad was an awesome experience!

Julie, Gilbert, AZ

I really enjoyed selling my house to Offerpad! I’m a police officer and it is very hard for me to take time off work because of my schedule, but with OfferPad, you never have to show your home. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience and I've already recommended OfferPad to my Lieutenant at work!

Mike and Kimberly, Phoenix, AZ

Everything went really well. We sold our home to OfferPad, then bought our new home, also using OfferPad. They gave us a very good offer on our home. We loved using Instant Access to tour the inside of our new home because it was fast and easy. We give OfferPad a glowing report and we definitely recommend them to others!

William, Phoenix, AZ

We got a good offer on our house and everything went smoothly. It went exactly the way OfferPad said it would go!

Ray and Kathy, Phoenix, AZ

From the very start and all throughout the process, everything OfferPad did was terrific! We were building a brand new home and because of the schedule. We had to change our closing date several times, but it was no problem whatsoever and they gave us a very good offer on our home!

Harold and Viviane, Chandler, AZ

They make the entire selling process so easy and we got a fantastic offer on our house. The closing date is flexible and the moving company was super-efficient and very professional.

The Timko Family, Chandler, AZ

We sold our home and bought a new one. OfferPad was so efficient! All in one neat easy exercise! Our new neighborhood is perfect - we love it!

Tom and Rachel, Tampa, FL

I really enjoyed my OfferPad experience. My childhood home was old and outdated and I didn't want to put the work into fixing it up. OfferPad gave me a competitive offer and saved me TONS of headaches. The team was very helpful in answering all my questions, especially considering this all happened during the madness of Hurricane Irma. They even let me change my closing date so I could be finished before I moved out of the state to start my new job!

Resheena, Winter Haven, FL

My husband and I were looking to sell our home. When we saw an OfferPad commercial on television, we decided to give it a try and are so HAPPY we did because OfferPad was AWESOME from start to finish! We closed within two weeks which was amazing! Thank you OfferPad for a great experience!

Jim and Chrys, Mesa, AZ

It really is as easy as they promise it will be. We saved ourselves all of the stress that comes with selling and moving. I highly recommend OfferPad to everyone. It’s so worth it!

William, Phoenix, AZ

The best part about OfferPad is that there are no showings! I work from home and have two dogs, which would have made life much harder. Selling to OfferPad was convenient and easy!

Amanda, Port Richey, FL

It was a worry-free process from start to finish. It’s unbelievable how they took care of everything for me. It seems like as soon as they presented me with an offer and did the inspection, I was setting up my closing date and it was all over!

Paul, Scottsdale, AZ

OfferPad gave me the exact price on my condominium I planned to list it for! The experience was extremely convenient because it was on my schedule, rather than real estate agents and buyers schedules. OfferPad makes it so much simpler than selling to a traditional home buyer, because you never know if the deal is going to fall through or not. With OfferPad, the sale is guaranteed.

Kelly, Gilbert, AZ

OfferPad empowered me so I was able to take control of my situation. Selling to OfferPad enabled me to sell my home when I needed to, which also meant my three kids didn’t have to move to a new school!

Matt and Kimberly, Phoenix, AZ

OfferPad was absolutely amazing to work with. You guys took care of everything and we didn’t have any issues at all. It was hands-down the best home selling experience we’ve ever had. We were able to stay in our home two days after we sold and it was no problem at all. Best of all, we got a great offer on our home! I recommend OfferPad one hundred percent!

Mary, Phoenix, AZ

It was a fantastic experience from start to finish. I got just as much money as I would have if I’d have used a traditional real estate and I didn’t even have to show my house. The customer service was great. You’ve got some great people working for you. I did the free local move and it was fantastic.The entire experience was great!

Bill and Theresa, Glendale, AZ

We tried three times to sell our house and each time, the experience was not very good. Kathy Porter, your customer liaison was outstanding. Michelle with First American Title was superb. The moving company was also very good. We were totally informed throughout the entire process. There is a balance and an ease of process. We got a quick offer and a quick response. I definitely recommend OfferPad if you want to sell your house.

Mary and Ronald, Queen Creek, AZ

Our situation was unique. My mother had gotten ill, so we had to sell pretty quickly. We got a very good offer on our home. Everyone at OfferPad was extremely helpful and friendly. They were very easy to work. The process was very easy. We were pleased with the entire thing and we’ve already shared with people how great OfferPad is!

Eric, Casa Grande, AZ

We had a unique situation as to why we were selling our home. We’d bought another house and moved, so the home was sitting empty. We were ready to be done with everything and wanted to save ourselves time, so we tried OfferPad. My first reaction was shock because the offer they gave me was exactly what I was hoping for. The repair costs and fees were BEYOND reasonable! It was extremely comparable with a traditional realtor and a whole lot more convenient. Another really awesome piece of working with OfferPad was the ease and speed of everything. The repair addendum was extremely fair. There were no surprises and the customer service was outstanding. I’m a raving fan of OfferPad!

Lisbeth, Phoenix, AZ

The experience with OfferPad was very good. We didn’t have to go through the troubles of showing our house. I work from home and I have two little kids – ages three and five – trying keep the house clean with toys and kids and not having to wait such a long time. Not knowing if you are going to find a buyer only adds to the stress. OP made it easy for us!