All Purchase Offers Include Your Title

& Escrow - Get More With OfferPad!

The big question: How much do you get at closing?

OfferPad's transparent pricing model stacks up against traditional listing costs, so you can sell with confidence, avoiding stress and surprises on closing day.

A Few Things to Remember about Listing with an Agent

On Average, sellers pay agent fees of 6% of the sales price

On Average, buyers negotiate the sales price down 2-3% from the initial asking

Zillow estimates current US average for total listing fees at 10%
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It takes an average of 76 days to find a buyer

How does OfferPad stack up against typical listing costs?
(Lucky for you, very well!)

Selling To OfferPad
Listing Traditional
Title & Escrow With OfferPad your title and escrow is included in the purchase price
Title & Escrow Seller always pays for their own title and escrow, and sometimes the buyer's as well
Seller Concessions Seller concedes an average of 2-3% to pay for buyer's closing costs or negotiated price reductions
Risk Metric Score We calculate this credit amount using the information you provided in your offer request, plus several other data points: zip code, physical location & environment, market trends, and seller's feedback
Listing Variance Costs It's common to see some of the following during a multi-month listing: appraisal discrepancies, additional mortgage payments, insurance, taxes & HOA, maintenance
OfferPad Credit Similar to agent fees
Agent Fees On average, real estate agents typically charge 6% fee when selling a home
Current OfferPad average for total credits at closing

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Selling to OfferPad includes

Sold the day you’re ready
Dedicated support until closing
Your choice on closing date
We pay title and escrow
Move up to 3 days after close

Listing with an Agent includes

An average of 76 days to find buyer
Last minute showings
Strangers in your home
Negotiations and Concessions
Waiting and Uncertainty

What is your time and convenience worth?


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